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Current Planning
One of the primary responsibilities of the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) is current planning, which is the review of zoning and development applications within the Shreveport/Caddo metropolitan planning area.  These applications include rezoning, subdividions, site plans, planned unit developments, planned building groups, special exceptions, variances, sign permits and certificates of occupancy.  These requests are typically subject to approval from either the MPC Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).

All property within the metropolitan planning area is subject to the rules of  a zoning classification: residential, commercial or industrial.  However, situations do occur that prompt a property owner to rezone his or her property to a different zoning classification in order to allow for something that isn't allowed by the current zoning classification.  In order to change a property's zoning classification, the owner must apply for approval with the MPC and present their case at the public hearing.  There are filing deadlines so please refer to our calendar for those deadlines.

There are other instances in which the use or development of the property requires approval of a special exception application or a variance from the minumum requirements outlined in the zoning regulations.  These request require that the owner apply for approval with the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).  These too, as with those applications heard by the MPC, will be reviewed during a public hearing which is the second Wednesday of every month and also have a filing deadline date.

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