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Youth Track & Field
Summer track and field opportunities are available to girls and boys, ages 9 - 18.

The summer track and field program provides a quality recreational track and field program designed to enhance the fitness development and self-esteem of Shreveport youth.

  • To create a fun environment where kids will gain passion and knowledge in all events of track and field
  • To focus on youth having a positive attitude towards personal and team development

Instructional areas includes:
  • Conditioning
  • Mechanics
  • Mechanics and techniques for long jump
    • Hang style or hitch-kick style, approach run, take-off, actions in the air, and landing
  • Plyometrics
  • Sprint start
  • Stretches
  • Tactics and strategy for the sprint events
  • Warm-ups

Sportsmanship Guidelines
Coaches and parents are tremendous assets to our young athletes in track and field. SPAR is grateful for your cooperation, support, and loyalty. We expect our athletes to hold themselves to high standards of sportsmanship as outlined in our program bylaws.

We hope parents, coaches, and others will serve as role models for our young athletes by exhibiting high standards of sportsmanship as well. We must never lose sight of the fact that participants in our program are still young. Officials and meet management personnel are there to help make this a positive experience for everyone, especially the athletes. Please treat them accordingly.

The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times:
  • Know and understand the rules of track and field
  • Recognizing and appreciating the various skill level of all athletes participating
  • Showing respect for coaches, officials, and their decisions
  • Showing respect for opponents at all times

Track and field events include:
  • 4 x 100 meter relay
  • 50 meter dash
  • 100 meter dash
  • 200 meter dash
  • 400 meter dash
  • 800 meter run
  • 1600 meter run
  • Distance running
  • Standing / running long jump

Contact Coach LaMark Carter at 318-572-3292 or 318-635-5688 with any questions.

City of Shreveport, Louisiana