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Customer Service
The Shreveport Water Department will deliver to you, as an average residential customer, 1,000 gallons of safe, great tasting water to your house for approximately $2.70 a month, plus $4.25 a month for distribution (plus meter charge).

Additional Services Provided
  • Assistance with billing inquiries
  • Direction for disadvantaged customers to social agencies for financial assistance
  • Help for customers with payment plans
  • Research for account histories

The city maintains a 24 hour call center, seven days a week to assure that all Public Works or Water and Sewerage emergencies are handled promptly. Any citizen having an emergency should call 318-673-7600 to report the problem.

For more information on Customer Service, call 318-673-5510.

Facts About Customer Service
Each month, the Customer Service Division:
  • Answers more than 9,000 calls per month
  • Processes over 6,100 work orders

Contact Us
Customer Service
Ph: 318-673-5510
Voice Mail: 318-673-7950

7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
City of Shreveport, Louisiana