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Neighborhood Parks
Project Cost
A.C. Steere Park

Funding is for construction of restroom facility and other renovations to the park.  Restroom facility is complete.

C.C. Antoine Park
$329,000 $296,000
This project is for park renovations including playground renovation, walkways/paths, ball field renovations and parking area overlay.  Project is 25% complete.
E. Kings Hwy. Park
Project was for playground surfacing.  Project complete.
Fairgrounds Park
$250,000 $197,700
Project is to construct a neighborhood water playground in conjunction with Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.  Demolition is complete.  Re-design is in process.
Highland Park
$200,000 $200,000
Funding is for walking path overlay, playground resurfacing and dead tree removal.
Huntington Park Golf Course
$2.95 million
Project was for major renovations of golf course and club house.  Renovations were completed in May 2014.
Jerry Tim Brooks Golf Course
Project is for improvements to course and pro shop.  The pro shop is ADA compliant and this portion of the project is complete.  State-funded golf course improvements are under contract and will accelerate in 2015 spring growing season.
Mooretown Park / Chris Hays Park
Not yet funded.
Funding will be made available following sale of remaining bonds.
Oakland Cemetery
Project was to renovate cemetery. Project complete.
Querbes Golf Course, Pro Shop & Locker Rooms
$1.36 million
  Project was for major renovations to include making facilities ADA compliant.  The project is near completion; project will include fencing, landscaping and irrigation improvements.
 Tennis Center Renovations
Scope of this project is for renovations at Bill Cockrell, Southern Hills and Airport Park tennis centers.  Southern Hills - roofing & air conditioning replacement complete; court resurfacing complete; tennis center & ADA contract to be awarded June 2015.  Airport Park - in bid process.  Bill Cockrell - court resurfacing completed; tennis center facelift in preliminary design.
Total for Neighborhood Park projects
$7.196 million

Updated September 2015

City of Shreveport, Louisiana