The implementation of the Consent Decree and the Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program will create significant business opportunities for the Citizens of Shreveport. With the potential for millions of dollars being spent on projects, Shreveport business owners can participate in a wide variety of opportunities, several of which are listed below:
  • Pipeline construction including; gravity sewer mains, manholes and force mains, water distribution and transmission mains
  • Pipeline repair and rehabilitation including; pipe bursting, slip-lining, cured-in-place lining
  • Manhole rehabilitation and manhole lining
  • Lift station; pumps, valves, electrical, controls, SCADA, coatings, concrete, and fencing
  • Treatment plant construction including; pumps, piping, valves, process equipment, chemical feed equipment, electrical, controls, SCADA, concrete and coatings
  • Utility location assistance and construction staking
  • Site restoration, landscaping, concrete work, and fencing
  • Pre-construction video recording
  • Schedule development and maintenance
  • Traffic control and permitting
  • Post construction closed circuit television inspection
  • Street paving and repairs
  • Concrete finishing
  • Sewer point repairs
  • Materials hauling and neighborhood notification prior to construction

The City of Shreveport posts all current bids (IFB), requests for quotes (RFQ) requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for statements of qualifications (RFS) here and The business opportunities for the Consent Decree and Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program will be posted on this page and at the websites listed above.

For Phase 1 plan of construction projects, click here.

View projects that are currently available for bid in BidSync.