Water & Sewerage

The City of Shreveport owns and operates the city's water and sewerage system through its Department of Water and Sewerage.

Establishing Service


A deposit is not required to establish service; however, a one-time connection fee is levied to open each account. Deposits are required for accounts that have been disconnected and for previous customers with existing balances. This deposit varies for residential, commercial and industrial accounts, depending on the water meter size. Customers may also check balances and due dates of water and sewer bills by calling 318-673-5463.


All water and sewerage accounts are billed monthly by the City of Shreveport.

Outside-City Service

Outside-City service may be provided by the City of Shreveport subject to the availability of service and approval of the City Council. In virtually all cases, approval is not granted unless the property owner agrees to be annexed into the city or a special contract is negotiated.

Outside-city rates are greater than those charged to inside-city customers. In addition, businesses and residents outside of the city tying directly to the city’s water and/or sewer mains must submit plans and obtain construction permits. Permit information starts on page 3.2.

Water & Sewer Main Extension

If no water or sewer main serves your business or industrial location, information on water or sewer main extensions may be obtained from:
  • Permits Center
    Government Plaza
    Room 130
    Shreveport, LA 71101
  • Ph: 318-673-6097