Setting Goals

Soon after receiving the Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant, stakeholders came together to establish general goals to guide the process. These goals reflect the three focus areas of the Choice Neighborhood planning process. Residents later refined by residents them into a vision statement for the neighborhoods.

Vision Statement

The Shreveport Choice Neighborhoods of Allendale, Ledbetter Heights and West Edge will be thriving, safe, and healthy communities of diversity and opportunity for longtime residents and new residents. We will build vibrant, mixed-income, mixed-use, connected places with a variety of attractive and affordable housing choices, beautiful gateways and corridors, retail and services for residents, routes for walking and biking, and strong links to schools, training, and jobs. We will build neighborhoods that honor our heritage and that will make us proud.

Community Goals

  • Create better opportunities for residents.
  • Build neighborhoods of amenity and access to opportunity.
  • Provide mixed-income and sustainability designed housing throughout the planning area.

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