Inconvenienced Streets


Street Inconveniences and Closures
Week of January 26, 2020

Water/Sewer/Drainage Improvements:  
Kingston Road    (CD Project – Wallace Interceptor)
Parkhurst Avenue – down to one lane (Calumet WM project)
Boone Street and Syphon Street  (Calumet WM project)
Fairfield Avenue at Jefferson (CD Project SH1)
Fairfield Avenue at Ockley – down to one lane (CD Project SH1)
Street Improvements
Line Avenue: Pierremont to 70th Street

Linwood Avenue: Gravois Drive to Mt. Zion Road
(Linwood Reconstruction – Phase II)
Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspections
Willie Mays St to Dr Martin Luther King Dr and Audrey Ln to Legardy St
Round Grove Ln to Kemp Ln and Audrey Ln to Legardy St
Peach St to Dr Martin Luther King Dr and David Raines to Audrey Ln
Closed Streets
Intersection of Mt. Zion Road @ Linwood Avenue
(Linwood Reconstruction – Phase II)
Fairfield Avenue at Avery
(CD Project SH1)
Special Events
1/23/2020: Parade Route – 1600 Welnstock N to Norma Avenue, North Milam – BTW Parade
1/25/2020: West 85th Street from Linwood to Dowdell – Birthday Party