Inconvenienced Streets


Street Inconveniences and Closures
Week of November 10, 2019

Water/Sewer/Drainage Improvements:  
Gregg Street (eastbound lane): Gilbert to Parkway Drive (CD Project QR3)
Line Avenue (outside southbound lane): Merrick to Ockley (CD Project QR3)
Linwood at LSU (down to one lane) (CD Project SH2)
Looney and Pierre (CD Project WS1)
Murphy and Pierre (down to one lane) (CD Project WS1)
N. Dale and St. John (down to one lane) (CD Project WS1)
4017 Linwood Road  
Street Improvements
Akard St: Pierremont to Ockley
Line Avenue: Pierremont to 70th Street
Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspections
Hawkins St to MLK Drive and Legardy to Jones Mabry Rd
MLK Drive to Shreveport Blanchard Hwy and David Raines Rd
David Raines to Audrey Ln and 6th St to MLK Drive
Closed Streets
900 block of Empire
(CD Project NH3)
Ockley: Fairfield Avenue to Line Avenue
(CD Project SH1)
Special Events
[11/9/2019 ] [6 AM – 11 AM] – Gregg Street @ Fern/Gilbert – Blocksgiving
[11/9/2019] [8 AM – 11 AM] – 70th Street & Fairfield, E 79th St, St. Vincent, 79th Street, St. Vincent – Celebratory Parade
[11/16/2019] [12 AM – 12 Midnight] – Northbound lanes of Clyde Fant Parkway from Lake Street to Hamel Park – Riverside 5K