Cross Lake, located within the City of Shreveport corporate limits, is a natural lake formed from the Great Log Raft which impeded the flow of the Red River and inundated low lying areas upstream. Cross Lake was one of a chain of lakes in the Red River Valley which was created during this time. When the Great Raft was cleared in 1873, the water level fell in all the raft lakes and several disappeared completely including Cross Lake.

Cross Lake was impounded in 1926 by constructing a concrete dam 3.6 miles upstream from the confluence of Cross Bayou and Red River on the right of way of the Kansas City Southern Railroad. The original spillway set the normal pool elevation of Cross Lake at 168.22 MSL. In 1962, three hinged crest gates were added to the concrete spillway structure. The normal pool stage of the reservoir was increased by nearly three feet to 171.2 MSL.

The lake occupies the valleys of Cross Bayou and Paw Paw Bayou.

Size (surface area)
8,576 acres

The watershed of Cross Lake encompasses 253 sq. miles (161,920 acres). Eight major inlets contribute to Cross Lake. The ratio of watershed to lake surface is 18.9:1 acres.

Pool Stage
The surface elevation of Cross Lake is set at the crest gate elevation of 171.2 MSL.

Spillway Width
Cross Lake has a concrete spillway approximately 189 feet in length, including 3 steel crest gates that can be raised approximately 3 feet.

Drawdown description
Maximum drawdown capability is limited to 3 feet below normal pool stage by the design of the spillway.

Cross Lake is owned, operated and maintained by the City of Shreveport as a water supply reservoir for the city. Drawdowns are not a viable management strategy due to its use as a city water source.
Wes Wyche – Environmental Engineer- 318-673-6072
Bobby Johnson – Environmental Control Officer - 318-673-7647

Bobby Johnson – Environmental Control Officer - 318-673-7647Cross Lake is owned, operated and maintained by the City of Shreveport as a water supply reservoir for the city.

Boat permits are required and may be obtained from the Cross Lake Patrol Office. The Cross Lake Patrol is responsible for enforcing city ordinances pertaining to Cross Lake.

Shreveport Police Department – Cross Lake Patrol
2900 Municipal Pier Rd.
Shreveport, LA 71119