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Previous Events

Mix and Mingle (December 9, 2021) —Small business networking event focused on “Building Relationships” and effective communication. The guest speaker was State Representative Tammy Phelps.

02212022 - MixMingle

Fair Share Meet and Greet (August 6, 2021) —Clients were encouraged to participate and equip themselves with the necessary training  to maximize procurement opportunities. 

02212022 - ClientSaveTheDate

Virtual Town Hall Meeting (April 22, 2021) — The Office of Fair Share hosted at noon via Zoom. We targeted Fair Share and prospective clients that want to do business with the City of Shreveport. We provided updates of the Fair Share Program and gave the audience an opportunity to ask questions. 

Fair Share Virtual Town Hall

Virtual Informational Meeting (April 23, 2021) — The Office of Fair Share hosted  at noon via Zoom. Our panel of speakers provided information concerning banking, bid, bonding, taxes and more. This was a Don’t Miss This Event!

Fair Share Virtual Informational Meeting