Operation Safe Neighborhoods

Program Overview

The City of Shreveport is undertaking grassroots community efforts to help its citizens combat crime within their neighborhoods and homes. As a part of Operation Safe Neighborhoods, the City of Shreveport is offering its residents equipment and devices designed to give homeowners and law enforcement additional tools to assist with public and personal safety. Equipment packages include one video doorbell, installation and a one-year subscrition to security monitoring services. Applications are limited to one (1) per household.

Program Eligibility

Eligible program participants must:

  1. Reside within the city limits.
  2. Register with the City of Shreveport’s Real Time Crime Center.
  3. Must not already own a video doorbell.
  4. Provide proof of identification.

Application Submission

The City will accept applications for Operation Safe Neighborhoods beginning on Monday, July 17, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

Applications may be submitted as follows:

ONLINE SUBMISSION by clicking here to complete an application: https://shreveportla.seamlessdocs.com/f/OperationSafeNeigh 

HAND DELIVERY of a completed application and copy of your driver's license or identification to the City of Shreveport’s City Council Office located at 505 Travis Street, Government Plaza, 4th Floor.

Paper applications and a photo copy of your identification MUST be printed and completed prior to drop off. All paper application submissions must be logged in upon submission. 

Applicant Selection

Selected applicants will be notified via their preferred method of contact regarding selection and scheduling of a time and date for equipment installation and set up.

Integration with the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)

We require that all applicants receiving a video camera system register with the City of Shreveport’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). More information about the City of Shreveport’s RTCC can be found by visting here City of Shreveport RTCC or by contacting (318) 673-5219.

Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis contingent on equipment availability. 

For questions about this program please contact the Department of Community Development at (318) 673-5900.