Residential & Small Commercial Audit Process


Must meet all requirements
  • You must be a Louisiana resident
  • House must be located within the city limits of Shreveport
  • You must own the house(Can be rental property)
  • Cannot be a mobile home


  • You enroll in the program by having a certified rater perform a Preliminary Rating
  • The rater will spend about two hours at your house to collect the Preliminary Rating data
    • This rating will cost you $100(adjustment based on square footage)
    • You and the rater discuss the recmmended improvements to achieve greater efficiency
  • You contact contractors to accomplish the improvements(licensed contractors)
    • Make sure each contractor gives you a written quote
  • Once the work is done, call the call the original energy rater used to schedule a Final Rating
  • Your original rater returns to conduct the Final Rating (verifying work done)
    • This rating will cost you $0