Water Purification

The City of Shreveport has had two water purification plants and pumping stations.

McNeill Street Station

McNeill Street Station went into service in 1897. Drawing water from Twelve Mile Bayou and Red River, the McNeill plant operated until 1980. It is now a museum and is listed as a National Historic Engineering Landmark, one of only four in the entire country.

Thomas L. Amiss Plant

Our current treatment plant, the Thomas L. Amiss Plant, was originally known as the Cross Lake Station and was opened in 1930 on the southeast banks of the newly formed Cross Lake. Water from the Twelve Mile Bayou is pumped into Cross Lake to supplement our supply during dry seasons.
The city opened its one-million gallon per day treatment plant at its present location on Blanchard Road. In June 1963, the expanded facility was renamed the Thomas L. Amiss Water Purification and Pumping Station in honor of Thomas L. Amiss who had served as superintendent for over 40 years.
Cross Lake
From 1901 to 1963, Mr. Amiss was instrumental in the long term growth and vision of the Shreveport Water System.


Over the years, there have been numerous expansion and renovation projects to accommodate the growing population, as well as changes in drinking water regulations. Today, we are a Class IV water treatment facility with a 78 million gallon per day capacity.


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