K-9s & Handlers

Handler K-9
Breed Age Specialty Reward Favorite Toy
Dan Fischer
Ginny Bloodhound 11 months
Trailing Treats Stuffed Duck Toy
Kerry Foster
Ranger / Brie
Lab / Lab
9 years / 1.5 years
Forensics Cap Stuffed Squirrel / Toys
Mike Mackey
Kody Lab 9 years
Forensics Cow Toy
Rick Morrow
Tracker Lab 4 Years
Air Scenting
Cheese Squeaky Toy
Justin Mackey
Wendy Lab 5 Years
Air Scenting
Kevin Kidwell
Molly Bloodhound   Trailing    
Jeffrey Witte
      Rope Rescue
Confined Space
View photos of the handlers and their K-9s.