How do I know if I live in the coverage zone?

To find out if you live within the coverage zone, and input your address into the form. The website will then determine whether your address falls within the coverage zone. If so, the site will advise you to visit the Shreve Memorial Library branch to obtain a Universal Digital Access kit.

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1. What is Universal Digital Access?
2. Who is eligible?
3. How do I know if I live in the coverage zone?
4. How does it work?
5. Is Universal Digital Access available at all library branches?
6. Why is the service not available at all Shreve Memorial Library branches?
7. How can I get a Universal Digital Access Kit?
8. Is there a limit to how many Universal Digital Access kits I can check out?
9. Do I need to sign up for Universal Digital Access?
10. How long can I keep the Universal Digital Access Kit?
11. What happens if I don’t return the kit or lose the kit?
12. Who do I contact if I have technical issues with the device?