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Litter Abatement/Beautification Survey

  1. KeepItClassy_whtBkgrnd.jpg

  2. 1. Do you think our City has a litter Problem?

  3. 2. Do you think the City is improving services and enforcing litter ordinances to help keep our City cleaner?

  4. 3. Do you keep your property (residential/commercial) clean and free of litter?

  5. 4. Would you be willing to help make a difference and participate in our ongoing cleanup/beautification events?

  6. 5. Have you noticed our new litter signs and our marketing efforts for our Litter Abatement and Beautification campaign, "Don’t Be Trashy Keep It Classy, Shreveport Is Home"?

  7.                                       Contact:  Arlena Acree    318-673-7515

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