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1. What is the purpose of the EMS LifeCare Program?
2. What if I don’t have insurance to cover Ambulance transport costs?
3. If a citizen were to become an EMS LifeCare member who is covered within the membership?
4. Is there a cost associated with the EMS LifeCare program or is the service provided free to the citizens of Shreveport?
5. What is the period that I can apply for EMS LifeCare?
6. What is the period of coverage for EMS LifeCare?
7. Does the EMS LifeCare Membership program cover non-emergency transports such as trips to the doctor’s office?
8. What constitutes an Emergency per Shreveport Fire Department guidelines?
9. Does EMS LifeCare Membership cover transports by any other agency?
10. If I live outside the city limits of Shreveport but spend a large part of my time in Shreveport, may I apply?
11. My address is inside the city, but not annexed into the city. Can I still purchase EMS LifeCare?