Goals & Mission Statement


  • Advocacy: Shreveport Mayor's Women's Commission (SMWC) addresses social, economic, and political concerns and advocate for opportunities for women and young people to gain employment and entrepreneurship skills and credentials and move into and advance into employment.
  • Education: SMWC promotes literacy and the involvement of youth in community affairs in order that they may become contributing members of society.
  • Quality of Life: SMWC promotes healthy families and our community through awareness and education and opportunities for women to achieve success at work, home, and in the community.
The commission is always seeking input from women who are interested in helping other women. Commission meetings are held the first Thursday of every month in the Mayor’s Conference Room at Government Plaza and are open to any woman who would like to attend. Applications from women who live or work in Shreveport who are interested in possibly serving on the commission are accepted year-round.

Mission Statement

The Shreveport Mayor’s Women’s Commission is dedicated to:
  • Promoting and furthering the economic status, health, safety, education, leadership, and advocacy opportunities for the advancement of the women and youth in the City of Shreveport.
  • Enhancing the quality of life for all area residents, particularly women and families.
  • Seeking partnerships with government agencies, nonprofit groups, and private groups and business to develop the information, expertise, volunteers, financing, and/or other resources to accomplish the goals and work of the commission.