Rehabilitation Assistance

Individuals who own and occupy their homes can apply for rehab assistance. Rehab is available to repair sub-standard properties according to minimum housing quality standards that meet code requirements. There are several types of rehab programs:

  • Minor Repair Program - addresses minor repairs that create danger to the health and safety of the household. (ie: plumbing, specifically, water leaks,  exposed raw sewerage, hot water heaters, and gas leaks).  This does not address ongoing care of premises and maintenance issues.
  • Major Systems Repair Program - addresses repairs to the major systems in a house that is reasonably stable, but have inoperable or failing systems (i.e.: electrical, roof, heating ventilation, air conditioning, foundation (pier and beam only), inclusive of floor joists, seals, leveling, and sub-floor repairs).  Applications are accepted only during the month of August if there is not a waiting list.
  • Paint Your Heart Out Shreveport
  • Handicap Accessibility 

Qualifications & Limitations

Grants and loan / grant combinations are available on a case-by-case basis. Assistance is not available for luxury items; only for code requirements as determined by the housing inspector and/or rehab specialist. All properties must be free of any adverse encumbrances such as judgments and/or liens. Applicants must have occupied and owned the property for two years.

Properties deemed infeasible for repair by the housing inspector will not be eligible for our rehab programs.

Grant Eligibility

To be eligible for a grant, an individual must be able to show evidence that there is not enough income available to support any loan repayment, such as savings, investments, etc. In addition to this, it is necessary to show evidence of sufficient income to be able to maintain the home, such as house insurance, taxes, etc.

Loans and loan / grant combinations are available to applicants according to the program guidelines such as credit, income, and debt / income ratios.

These programs are federally funded. The maximum life time federal assistance to any one property is $50,000, subject to appraised value.

Contact Marcia Nelson, Program Coordinator, at 318-673-7528 for more information or assistance.