Emergency Repairs Program

Repairs that qualify for emergency repair may include:
  • A floor area weakened by water damages and subject to collapse
  • Electrical hazards such as loose and live wiring, no electric power to the house, shocks from switches and/or plugs, or loss of power to essential major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, or essential medical equipment
  • No heat in home / furnace has been determined to be hazardous by the gas company
  • No water, no hot water, or damaged and/or severely leaking water pipes
  • Repairs necessary to obtain handicap accessibility
  • Severely leaking roof subject to collapse of ceilings, causing interior damage
  • Other emergencies as determined to be an immediate threat to the health or safety of the occupants or others

Exterior Facade Program

This part of the program is limited to the exterior repairs. The Exterior Facade Program consists of two components.

Paint Your Heart Out Shreveport

Paint Your Heart Out Shreveport is an annual program administered by the City of Shreveport. Every year, on one day, volunteers from local businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations paint as many as 50-75 homes of low income elderly and/or disabled citizens within the city limits of Shreveport. Minor repairs and prep work are completed, and deadbolt locks are installed by contractors approved to work under our Neighborhood Revitalization Program.

Sign-up for this program begins in September and continues through the end of January. Paint day is always the third Saturday in May (weather permitting).

Handicap Accessibility Ramp

This program was designed to provide elderly and/or disabled citizens within the city limits of Shreveport with easier access to their homes by constructing a wheelchair ramp at the entrance of their home.

World Changers

World Changers is an annual program sponsored by the City of Shreveport in conjunction with the Southern Baptist Conference. Each year during one week, youth from different states are housed here and perform painting and repairs for 10-15 qualifying homes within the City of Shreveport. The City of Shreveport Department of Community Development provides the materials and supplies, and World Changers provides free labor.