Permits & Specialized Service Fees

Along with deposits for water and sewer service, various permits are authorized and special fees levied by city ordinance and Procedure. Permits may be obtained or special fees paid at the Permits Center in the Government Plaza, Room 130. Call 318-673-6097 with any questions.

Restricted Waste Disposal Permit

Haulers of restricted waste as defined in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Shreveport must obtain a disposal permit from the Permits Center for each vehicle authorized to collect waste. The permit fee is based on the volume of waste to be disposed. Each truck must display the sticker furnished by the city.

Cross Lake Watershed Permit

Individual and community-type sewerage systems operating within the Cross Lake Watershed must obtain an installation permit. Individual systems require an initial permit and one-time fee. Permit fees for community-type systems are based on volume of discharge and the permit must be renewed annually. A one-time construction permit is also required for any construction within the 172 ft. contour of Cross Lake.

Yard Meter New Installation Deposit

Customers may request a separate water meter for seasonal purposes, such as lawn watering. The deposit will vary depending on the size of the meter. The monthly customer charge and water usage charges will be levied in accordance with city water rates.

Bulk Water Stations

Water usage needed for short-term activities, including, but not limited to use at construction sites, road washing, or landscaping may be accessed through Bulk Water Stations. Applications for a meter assembly at a Bulk Water Station can be obtained by contacting the Meter Shop at 673-7638. Customer charges and water usage charges will be levied in accordance with current city water rates.

Fire Prevention

Customers who install fire prevention devices such as sprinkler systems must have city approval to connect to the city water service. The division of fire prevention may require a fire hydrant flow test for these systems for a fee.

Water & Sewer Taps

A permit and fee are required when the city taps into water and sewer mains to extend service to a customer. The fee varies depending on the size of the line and the tap.

Line Extension Inspection Fees

The city charges a fee to an applicant or developer for inspections and as-built drawings provided by the city for extensions of service lines or over-sized mains. The fee is a percentage of the total construction costs.