Other Utilities & Basic Services

Property within the City of Shreveport is served by the following utility companies and organizations:

Electric Power

AEP Southwestern Electric Power (SWEPCO) supplies electricity to the city. Electrical power to a structure can be obtained by calling the AEP-SWEPCO Customer Service Department at 888-216-3523. AEP-SWEPCO requires an application for all electrical accounts.

After the application has been submitted and the deposit paid (if required), AEP-SWEPCO will provide the electricity. If you have a commercial building, a new building of any type, or a mobile home, an inspection by the electrical department will have to be made and violations corrected before electricity will be provided.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is provided by CenterPoint Energy - ARKLA. Natural gas service from CenterPoint Energy - ARKLA may be obtained by calling 866-275-5252.


AT&T provides local telephone service, which may be obtained by calling 866-620-6000 for new commercial service, or 888-757-6500 for new residential service

Cable TV

Comcast Cable provides cable television service, and may be established by calling 1-800-COMCAST, .

Trash Collection & Disposal

The City of Shreveport Solid Waste Division (for residential and limited business collections) provide waste services, and private contractors provide these services for all other solid waste collection and disposal service.

Residential Waste Services

The Solid Waste Division is solely responsible for the collection and disposal of residential garbage and trash, exclusive of residential complexes with more than four housing units. Non-industrial commercial establishments shall include only those involving the collection of not more than two city-provided 96 gallon wheeled carts once per week.

Residents and authorized commercial establishments which generate more waste may be provided one additional cart from the city for a one-time fee of $50, payable in advance, collected and disposed of by the city.

Commercial Waste Services

For non-industrial commercial establishments and residential complexes with more than four housing units needing or requiring solid waste collection and disposal services beyond those mentioned here, licensed private collection and disposal services should be contacted. Such services are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory under the heading “Garbage and Rubbish Removal."

Additional Collection Responsibilities

The city’s Solid Waste Division is also responsible for the Woolworth Road Regional Solid Waste Facility. For more information about either the solid waste, which can be disposed of at the city’s sanitary landfill, or about city provided solid waste collection services, please call 318-673-6300.