Permitting & Licensing

All property located inside the City of Shreveport and within approximately five miles of the city limits is zoned for specific land uses. The three broad classifications are:
  • R - residential
  • B - business / commercial
  • I - industrial
There are numerous sub-categories within each of these classifications which further define specific types of zoning and permissible land uses.


All re-zoning decisions are first made by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), a nine-member citizen board, which then forwards its recommendations for zoning ordinances and ordinance amendments to the City Council (for cases inside the City of Shreveport) and the Caddo Parish Commission (for outside-city cases).

Any citizen desiring to locate a business or manufacturing operation within the MPC’s jurisdiction should first determine whether the proposed site is properly zoned for the intended business or industrial purpose. This can be done by providing a legal description of the property (from tax notice or property deed) to the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) by calling 318-673-6480.

If the proposed site is not properly zoned, the property owner or his authorized agent can file an application to the MPC for re-zoning at a cost of $500.