The Fair Share Initiative strives to accomplish its purpose in a number of ways. Foremost among these is serving as a strong and forceful advocate for its clientele. Many clients of the Fair Share Program are first-generation entrepreneurs and in need of help with “the business of doing business.”

The Fair Share Program addresses this need by providing a slate of conferences and seminars dealing with subjects like Networking and Relationship Building, Understanding Purchasing Regulations, How to get Insurance and Bonding, plus a number of other topics useful to first-generation entrepreneurs.


Undergirding the Fair Share Program is the city’s Contract Tracking Ordinance. This ordinance allows the city to monitor and track the involvement of Fair Share Certified (FSC) clients, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) clients, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) clients and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) clients in the purchasing of all goods and services. This information allows the city to continually assess its progress in meeting the goal (25%) set forth in the legislation that established the Fair Share Program.

Online Directory

To bring together the partners necessary for success, we have developed a centralized source through which prime contractors may quickly find Certified Fair Share subcontractors and vendors. It is an online directory that is searchable by keywords, generic categories, and NAICS Codes.

The online directory has been prepared as an aid to persons with procurement responsibilities in federal, state and local government agencies as well as those associated with or responsible for purchasing in the private sector. Additionally, it serves as an instrument for networking between Fair Share Certified firms/individuals, minorities, women, and disadvantaged businesses.