The directory is a searchable list of vendors that are certified to do business with the City of Shreveport. It is the data base that the city, bid awardees and others use to identify certified vendors, distributors, and contractors to provide services (vendor name, service code, description, phone, email address, expiration dates, and view business details). The goal of the directory is to enhance company visibility and effortlessly provide a centralized source of certified Fair Share clients. It also serves as an instrument for networking between Fair Share certified firms, individuals, and disadvantaged businesses.

This directory is updated prior to the end of each month. It is very important to update contact information as changes occur. Changes should be emailed or mailed on the firm’s letterhead providing the updated information.

  • The “Download Data” link allows you to export the entire Fair Share Directory.
  • The Service Description allows you to select a service by clicking the word “Select” and using the arrow to access an alphabetical listing.
  • The Vendor Name using the business name by typing a few letters and all businesses with those letters will appear in a drop down box for your selection.

Directory link