Police Chaplains 

Shreveport Police Department chaplains are clergy persons who have a passionate interest in the quality of life of our citizens and the specialized training for pastoral care in the volatile world of law enforcement. This pastoral care is offered to all people, regardless of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, creed, or religion. It is offered without cost and is regarded as confidential.


The police chaplains are led in his or her own faith to be available and ready to serve those who are in need. The chaplain's ministry provides a source of strength to the law enforcement officers and their families, other city employees, the community, and the incarcerated.

Our police chaplains listen to and participate with the Shreveport Police in the workplace of law enforcement officers with empathy and experience, advising calmly in the most strained situations, and offering assistance when appropriate or requested.

Chaplains on Patrol

Police chaplains are a group of local clergy from a variety of religious denominations who ride on patrol with police officers. While on patrol, they provide comfort and counsel to the officers and the citizens they come in contact with. In many cases, their presence can diffuse hostile situations, especially if the chaplains are working an area near their church home. These chaplains are well known and respected in their neighborhoods and serve as liaisons between the police and citizens

Shreveport Police Department Chaplains on patrol:
  • Chaplain Barbara Jarrell
  • Chaplain James Thomas
  • Chaplain T. Alexander Knapp
  • Chaplain Calvin Kimble
  • Chaplain Collier Mickle
  • Chaplain Mirandalous Holland
  • Chaplain Montrell Whitaker 
  • Chaplain Debra Kelly
  • Chaplain Danny Thompson
  • Chaplain Eduardo Gonzalez
  • Chaplain Gregory Jones
  • Chaplain Roy Davis
  • Chaplain Artis Williams
  • Chaplain Josephine Franklin
  • Chaplain Jessica Haley
To contact this group:
Community Oriented Policing Bureau