Policy & Mission Statement

The division adopted a mission and policy statement in June 2007 to express their goals, directions, and attitudes while keeping the mission insight as we execute our daily responsibilities.

Strategic Planning

In July 2007, City of Shreveport Risk Management embarked upon a process of strategic planning - "Raising the Performance Bar". This session served as an ongoing process for thinking and planning for short-term and long-term organizational goals.

Cross-Training / Customer Service

To ensure excellent customer service, inter-divisional cross-training has begun and will continue indefinitely. Training such as effective organization, time-management, and team building sessions are being developed by staff to improve work flow.


Utilization of National Safety Council and implementation of City of Shreveport Safety Award Program. IT and the Office of Risk Management are currently creating a webpage on the City of Shreveport website, plus the release of a corresponding brochure.

Property Valuation Update

An updated property valuation is now underway to ensure all City of Shreveport property is appropriately valued and listed on the schedule of values. This is done to mitigate any coverage conflicts with the insurance company in the event of loss.

Safety Training & Education

In January 2008, our Safety Officer was certified to teach the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course 4 (DDC4) and continue to give monthly safety briefings to all City of Shreveport new employees.

Claim Reviews / Audits

All open workers' compensation, general liability and auto liability claims currently handled by our Third Party Administrator (TPA) are currently being audited by Risk Management Staff. It is imperative that these claims are aggressively managed to reduce claim City of Shreveport.

Fleet Inventory

Risk Management has been instrumental in devising and maintaining a thorough and accurate fleet inventory to include all pertinent information, such as, vehicle identification numbers, location, etc. It is imperative that the city maintain a current schedule of vehicles to provide pertinent information to insurers.