Home Ownership Assistance

Home Buyers Assistance Program Participation Initiative (HAPPI)

The City of Shreveport Home-buyer's Assistance Program Participation Initiative (“HAPPI”) is designed to provide assistance through approved private lenders to assist first time home-buyers whose income threshold are 80% or below the median income level as determined by HUD for the City of Shreveport each calendar year.

The down payment, buy down and closing cost assistance are available through participating local lenders in partnership with the City of Shreveport. This program is designed to assist first time home buyers who have:

  • An income of 80% or below the area median income, as determined by HUD
  • Completed an approved home buyer education class
  • Not owned a home or held title to a property for three years or longer

The maximum amount of assistance is up to 20% of the sales price of the property or appraised value; whichever is lesser, depending on percentage of area median income. Other incentives are available to applicants purchasing in designated home ownership zones approved by the Community Development Department.

Additional Qualifications

  • Applicants must have sufficient credit to qualify with one of the city's HAPPI approved lenders. All lenders must be HUD approved for business in the Shreveport area
  • Education provider home buyers must have non-profit status and/or be designated as a HUD Counseling Agency. Applicant and co-applicant must complete home buyer education classes
  • No HUD, VA, repossessed properties or manufactured housing will be eligible for assistance
  • Properties eligible for HUD mortgage insurance or a specific mortgage insurance program must meet minimum property standards. All other assisted housing not eligible for HUD mortgage insurance must meet housing quality standards

Certain restrictions apply to all applicants receiving HAPPI funds.

Nineteen (19) Targeted Neighborhoods and Maps