Request for Accommodation


An accommodation is a reasonable modification or adjustment that enables a qualified person with a disability to enjoy the same access to programs, services and activities and or facility, that are enjoyed by persons without disabilities. 

The City of Shreveport has the right, on a case-by-case basis, to determine whether a request is “reasonable” and whether or not the accommodation can be provided without jeopardizing the safe operation of the program, service, activity and/or facility . The city shall not be required to make any modification that fundamentally alters the nature of the program, service, or activity and/or facility, or would result in undue administrative or financial burdens, as determined by the head of the department offering the program, service, activity and/or facility.
Facility Information
The classification of facilities under the ADA is neither static nor mutually exclusive. Newly constructed or altered facilities are also existing facilities. A newly constructed facility remains subject to the accessibility standards in effect at the time of design and construction, with respect to those elements for which, at that time, there were applicable ADA Standards. And at some point, the facility may undergo alterations, which are subject to the alterations requirements in effect at the time. See §35.151(b)-(c)
. The fact that the facility is also an existing facility does not relieve the public entity of its obligations under the new construction and alterations requirements in this part.

 Requests for accommodation should be submitted as far in advance as possible, but not later than 48 hours prior to the need for the accommodation.

Please use the form below to submit a request for a modification to policies or procedures in order to equally participate in city programs, services, or activities. This form is for use by members of the public only. Current City of Shreveport employees must contact the Human Resources Department for assistance.

 Although the ADA does not require the request to be put in writing, having documentation of the request is a good practice.

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