EMS Lifecare

Provided Services

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) LIFECARE means 24-hour emergency ambulance service at no extra cost to you or your family. Membership in EMS LIFECARE protects you from the potentially high cost of emergency ambulance services and provides you with security and peace of mind.

Your membership in EMS LIFECARE covers the uninsured portion of the cost of emergency ambulance services for you, your spouse, any unmarried children under age 25, and any other persons listed as dependents on your income tax return. All persons covered must be living in your household. The $60 covers you and your family for one year of emergency ambulance service.(See details under FAQ)


EMS LIFECARE covers only emergency ambulance service. For example, if you have a heart attack, stroke, are involved in an automobile accident, or suffer an injury that requires immediate medical transportation to a hospital emergency department, EMS LIFECARE covers your emergency ambulance expenses. Non-emergency medical transport, such as trips from a nursing home to routine dialysis treatments or visits to your doctor are not covered by an EMS LIFECARE membership.

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Anyone is eligible to be an EMS LIFECARE member. However, coverage applies only to emergencies that occur within the Shreveport city limits. For more information about membership, call 318-841-0210.