Application Process

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If you feel you qualify for one of these programs, you should complete a Request for Services application. Once completed, you must bring or mail the Request for Services to:
Department of Community Development Bureau of Housing and Business Development
401 Texas Street
Room 331
Shreveport, LA 71101

A letter will be mailed to you to schedule a pre-qualification interview and bring in all supporting documentation when your Request for Services is being processed. All applicants will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, dependent upon fund availability. You will not be approved to receive services until the steps below are successfully completed.

Steps to Applying for Services

Schedule Your Pre-qualification Interview

After the above mentioned forms have been reviewed, you will be sent a letter to call and schedule your pre-qualification interview. During the interview, your eligibility (income, home ownership etc.) will be determined. You will be denied if you do not qualify, and pre-approved if you do. If documents needed are incomplete, you have 30 days to complete the appropriate documents and return them to the above address or your file will be CLOSED.

Inspection of Your Home

If you are pre-approved, an inspection will be ordered on your home. This inspection will determine if you need an emergency repair (the inspection will be performed when we are ready to assist you). After the inspection report is received, a letter will be sent to you based on the findings.

Solicit Bids

If you are approved, work specifications will be prepared and the work needed on your home will be bid to the next three contractors on our rotating bid list. The contractors and the housing inspector will do a bid walk-through. After the sealed bids are opened, we can issue your final approval and you will sign a homeowner / contractor agreement. The contractor and the housing inspector will conduct a pre-construction walk-through.

Record the Agreement & Obtain the Permits

When the homeowner / contractor agreement is recorded and permits have been obtained, your work will begin. The contractor will do only the work on the specifications per the inspection. As the work progresses, you will sign payouts at certain intervals when requested by the contractor and housing inspector. Upon completion of the work, you will sign a notice of completion and complete and evaluation form.