How do I maintain my grease trap?
To be effective, grease traps must be cleaned out regularly and the contents completely removed. The frequency of cleaning the grease trap and pumping out grease and solids will depend the nature and volume of the wastewater.

Inside traps should be cleaned weekly:
  • Bail out any water to facilitate cleaning
  • Dip the grease out of the trap and put in a water tight container
  • Scrape grease from all sides and lid
  • Place grease container in trash receptacle

Clean grease trap the day before trash is picked up to avoid nuisance complaints. Outside traps should be inspected monthly.
  • Use a "dip stick" to measure grease layer
  • Contact pumper to clean out trap
  • Be sure the pumper scrapes all sides and that all trap contents are removed
  • Inspect the trap for potential problems while it is empty

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