Where do I sign up for the registry?


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1. Is there any cost associated with integrating with the RTCC?
2. What access does the RTCC have once integrated?
3. Where is the data stored?
4. What if after being integrated I no longer wish to participate?
5. What does the RTCC look for when monitoring cameras?
6. What is a Real Time Crime Center?
7. What is the RTCC Registry? Can you watch my doorbell camera from the RTCC?
8. Where do I sign up for the registry?
9. What is the RTCC Business Integration?
10. Why is the RTCC located on the 2nd floor of Government Plaza and in the IT department?
11. How does communication from the RTCC work if the RTCC is not within SPD?
12. Why do you want citizens to register their cameras? Doesn’t the RTCC already have cameras being installed on poles?