How will you choose who receives the guaranteed income?

An outside, independent entity will conduct a lottery to select participants from the eligible pool of applicants. Once participants are selected, a second lottery will sort eligible applicants. Participants will be randomly selected into an “treatment intervention group,” and a “control group,.” or a non-participant group. The intervention group will receive the guaranteed income. The control group will NOT receive the guaranteed income, but will be invited to participate in future research activities. The control group allows us to understand the impact of guaranteed income over time amongst two similar groups of people: one who receives guaranteed income and one who does not. People assigned to the non-participant group will not receive a guaranteed income through the program and will not be invited to participate in any further research activities.

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1. How many Shreveport residents will receive guaranteed income?
2. How much is the monthly stipend?
3. Who is eligible to receive guaranteed income through this pilot?
4. How will you choose who receives the guaranteed income?
5. Will guaranteed income influence other benefits?
6. Who designed the Shreveport Guaranteed Income Pilot Program?