Why didn't I qualify?
Maybe you do qualify, but does your application clearly show you have the necessary experience and/or training as stated on the job announcement? Some of the most common reasons for rejection are:
  • The application does not show the minimum amount of experience required
  • The application does not show the minimum amount of education required
  • The application is incomplete (something has been left out)
  • Your application was received after the deadline for filing

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1. How do I apply?
2. How do I contact the Human Resources Department?
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5. Is the city an equal employment opportunity / affirmative action employer?
6. What accommodations will Human Resources make for handicapped applicants?
7. What are my appeal rights?
8. What are the office hours and deadline for applications?
9. What does the Human Resources Department do?
10. What is the employment process?
11. What is the process used for selection of applicants?
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13. Why didn't I qualify?