What must a complete set of plans and specifications include?
The plans and specifications which accompany a permit application must be prepared in detail sufficient for the city's reviewers to determine if all code requirements are met. Required submittals must include:
  • Details on proposed alterations and renovations
  • Exterior and interior elevations, and wall sections
  • Floor plan to scale - labeled rooms / spaces
  • Foundation plan with details to scale
  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning plans to scale
  • Schedules for doors, windows, room finishes, and framing details
  • Site (plot) plan to scale (showing existing and proposed landscaping), size and location of all utilities, all structures proposed and existing, paving, parking, drainage, grade, elevations, or contours

Specific detailed information is required within each of these submittals. To help avoid confusion and otherwise unnecessary delay, you are encouraged to contact the Permits and Inspections Division for additional information about these requirements.

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