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Forms Accessory Building
Forms Address Request
Forms Adjudicated Property Information
Forms Advertising on SPORTRAN buses or benches
Forms Auto Repair
Forms Backdoor Garbage / Trash Collection
Forms Backdoor Recycling Collection
Forms Billing Issues
Forms Boat Houses and Piers - Structure / Maintenance Concerns
Forms Bridges and Culverts - Repair
Forms Bulk Item Collection
Forms Can Left In Driveway / Street
Forms Cancel recycling service
Forms Cave-ins or sinkholes
Forms Clean up of Property - Care of Premises
Forms Commercial Garbage / Trash Collection
Forms Commercial Trash Collection Hours
Forms Construction Issues
Forms Contact a City Councilman
Forms Curbside Garbage / Trash Collection
Forms Curbside Recycling Collection
Forms Damaged Recycling Can
Forms Environmental Concerns
Forms Excellent Service - Property Standards
Forms Excellent Service - Solid Waste
Forms Fallen Trees- need to be cleaned up - on Private Property
Forms Fire Hydrants
Forms Flood Map Request
Forms Furniture / Appliance Collection
Forms Garage Sales
Forms Grass Mowing - City Right-Of-Way
Forms How do I become a vendor at the airport?
Forms How much does it cost to ride on SporTran?
Forms Illegal Commercial Business
Forms Illegal Dumping
Forms Illegal Dumping - In City Right-of-Way
Forms Illegal Fences
Forms Illegal Signs
Forms Inoperable Vehicles - On Private Property
Forms Litter Abatement
Forms Litter In City Right-of-Way
Forms Litter on Commercial or Private property
Forms Livestock & Poultry
Forms Map of the Council Districts
Forms Mardis Gras Parade Route Reservation
Forms Mayor's Administration
Forms Misc Driver Concern
Forms Misc. Garbage / Trash Concern
Forms Misc. Recycling Concern
Forms Misc. Streets & Drainage
Forms Misc. Streets and Drainage Concern
Forms Misc. Traffic Engineering Concern
Forms Missing / Damaged Garbage Can
Forms Missing or Damaged Traffic Sign
Forms Needed Traffic Sign
Forms Odor Complaint
Forms Overflow not picked up
Forms Overgrown Property
Forms Park History
Forms Parking - illegal parking on grass in front of residence
Forms Pay Property Taxes
Forms Permit Fees
Forms Plat Review Request
Forms Pools - Stagnate Water - Fencing Not Secure
Forms Possible dumpsite
Forms Potholes
Forms Problems with City of Shreveport website
Forms Public Works
Forms Rental fees for Community Centers/SPAR facilities
Forms Repair Play Area
Forms Repair/Replace man-hole cover
Forms Report a bus that needs repair (i.e - broken lift or bike rack, air not cooling)
Forms Report a problem with trees on PRIVATE PROPERTY.
Forms Report fallen trees on public property
Forms Report late bus.
Forms Report low flying air craft noise
Forms Report overgrown trees and/or shrubbery
Forms Request a garbage cart
Forms Request a Map
Forms Request a recycling cart
Forms Request tree removal on public right-of-way, NOT on private property.
Forms Request water to be turned off
Forms Requests from Council members
Forms Requests from the Administration
Forms Reserve a Park/Community Center
Forms Right of Way Litter
Forms Rude or unprofessional service at a SPAR facility
Forms Schedule a Lift Line pickup.
Forms Sewer backup or overflow
Forms Sewer Leaks
Forms Sewer Odors
Forms Sidewalk Maintenance - Large Repair
Forms Sidewalk Maintenance - Large Repair
Forms Sidewalk Maintenance - Small Repair
Forms Signs - illegal signs on City right-of-way
Forms Signs in Right-of-Way
Forms Street Improvements - Overlay
Forms Street Improvements - Overlay
Forms Street Lighting
Forms Street litter
Forms Submit a request for removal of a tree stump.
Forms Substandard Building
Forms Swimming Pool Schedule
Forms Tire Collection (Limit 4)
Forms Trash around bus stops
Forms Trash on Sidewalks
Forms Vacant House Needs Securing
Forms Vacation Check Request
Forms Water Leaks
Forms Water Meters
Forms Water Quality
Forms Which airlines fly to and from Shreveport?
Forms Who's my Councilman?
Forms Why are parking rates so high at the airport?
Forms Zoning Violation - auto repairs