Elder Abuse

What Is Elderly Abuse

Louisiana law protects adult aged 60 or older from act or omission resulting in physical or emotional abuse and neglect, inflicted by caregivers and from self-neglect by an individual. Louisiana law also protects seniors from acts of financial exploitation and extortion.

What to Look For

  • Physical action, such as pushing, hitting, restraining an elder
  • Emotional and verbal intimidation, such as screaming, threatening, insulting an elder
  • Withdrawal or isolation by an elder
  • Sexual exploitation, particularly threats or action against and elder without their consent
  • Neglect, such as withholding of medicine, medical care, food, personal care, utilities, daily necessities, or over medication or self-neglect to the point of danger
  • Financial extortion or exploitation, such as theft or misuse of money, property, or possessions of the elder
Elderly Protective Services (EPS) is a safety net for elder adults. Protective services are available through EPS Headquarters within the Office of Elderly Affairs in Baton Rouge and through seven regional offices.

Who to Call

To make a report or for more information, call the State Toll-Free Abuse Hotline, EPS Main Office GOEA, by calling 1-800-898-4910.
Louisiana Revised Statute 14:403.2, passed in 1992, requires all citizens to report cases of suspected neglect or abuse of elderly. It also grants civil and criminal immunity to any citizen reporting in good faith.

DHH / Bureau of protective services provides protection for disabled adults ages 18 to 59 from abuse and neglect.
For more information call 1-800-898-4910 or 225-922-2250.