The Streets and Drainage Department can be generally described as a maintenance division within the City of Shreveport, Office of Public Works within the Department of Operational Services.

Although there are many minor duties within the division, the primary responsibilities of the Streets and Drainage Division are maintenance and repair of dedicated city streets, alleys, underground drainage structures, roadside ditches, and drainage canals within the city. Additionally, this department handles the mowing and litter control of major city street rights-of-way and contracted state rights-of-way within the city limits.

Assets maintained include:
  • 1050 lane miles of concrete streets
  • 1202 lane miles of asphalt streets
  • 930 miles of roadside ditches
  • 408 miles of major drainage canals and ditches

The Assistant Superintendent of Street Maintenance is the primary person to call if you are experiencing potholes in the street or if you would like the city to consider repaving a particular street.

Streets and Drainage is managed by the Superintendent of Streets and Drainage and his Assistant Superintendents. This division has 128 employees including three Supervisors and various helpers and laborers, equipment drivers, carpenters, and administrative support.

The Street Maintenance function is managed by an Assistant Superintendent. He manages crews for concrete street repairs, asphalt maintenance, and drainage. In addition to these responsibilities, his crews are also charged with repairing curb and gutter systems, public city building parking lots and sidewalks, street shoulder repairs, and inspection and repair of city maintained bridges.

Divisions & Sections

Drainage Maintenance
The Drainage Maintenance section also manages the crews that perform maintenance on all roadside right-of-way ditches and canals, to include unclogging existing driveway pipes and reestablishing ditch grades.

Additionally, his crews handle erosion control on the drainage ditches. The responsibility for underground drainage system maintenance falls under this section. They will respond to and make repairs to plugged or leaking systems and make repairs to sink holes caused by these systems.

Drainage Maintenance can also arrange for other maintenance entities to take care of drainage systems that fall outside of the city's jurisdiction.

Right-of-Way Maintenance
The Right-of-Way Maintenance is managed by an Assistant Superintendent. He manages crews for forestry, grass cutting, litter pick up, and herbiciding.

This section also manages a seven-man tree maintenance crew whose responsibility involves removal of dead limbs out of trees that fall within the city right-of-way as well as total removal of dead trees and stumps in city right-of-way, if there is no possibility of saving the tree.

Their first goal is to try to save the tree, if possible. Unfortunately, many times this is not possible due to the age of the tree, the amount of death, or the hazardous position of the tree.

Normally, the trees in the neutral area, between the sidewalk and curb, are maintained by the property owner; however, the Forestry section will evaluate a tree and advise the property owner of what type of care needs to be performed. Some minor trimming will be accomplished by this crew in areas where tree limbs create a line-of-sight obstruction to the flow of pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic.

Some minor trimming for cosmetic reasons will be accomplished in the common neutral areas, such as center medians, when time permits.

This section also handles all mowing and herbicide services along major street rights-of-way and State highways within the city limits. Additionally they perform litter pick up on these right-of-ways as well as cutting and cleaning of alleyways, edging of curbs, other special litter pick-up activities, and street sweeping on a case-by-case basis, providing the equipment is available.